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Seamless Gutters

Most homeown­ers don’t spend a lot of time think­ing about their gut­ters, but under­stand­ing their impor­tance may pre­vent costly home repair bills in the future. Gut­ters fun­nel water off of the roof and away from your home, which pro­tects your sid­ing, win­dows, doors, and foun­da­tion from water dam­age. While that sounds impor­tant, many homeown­ers don’t real­ize how much dam­age can occur when their gut­ters are clogged, leak­ing, or bro­ken. When gut­ters aren’t func­tion­ing prop­erly, rain­wa­ter runs off the roof of the build­ing and col­lects on the ground near the foun­da­tion. Heavy rains can result in stand­ing pools of water, which can cause a mul­ti­tude of problems. Gutters protect your home from flooding, potential cracking/damage to the foundation, infestations of insects, mold, topsoil erosion, and staining or paint damage on the exterior of your home.


We see a lot of homeowners that have leaks due to old skylights that are typically not made out of glass like the newer styles. The seals, flashing, and tops should be checked to confirm that they are water tight. The Velux skylights that we offer are constructed out of Low E Glass and are much more energy efficient than previous styles.

Patio Covers

Patio covers can be a great addition to homes for gatherings with family and friends or to increase resale value.  At Mill Creek Roofing we can build a variety of different styles of patio covers with different materials on the ceiling, beams, and roof.  We would be happy to help you design the perfect patio cover for your home.

Exterior Leak & Paint Repair

Often times, a compromised roof can cause other damages, such as damage to interior sheetrock and paint due to a leak. Mill Creek Roofing is able to fix these issues for you. We have a team that specializes in home repairs of this nature and can quickly and painlessly take care of any damages that we find. We also do full exterior paint jobs that can help better the curb appeal of your home.


We offer a large number of options for fencing including cedar, pine, with and without rot board, and with and without top caps.  We do replacements and new installs.  If you would like the fencing to be stained, we can take care of that as well.

Dump Trailer Rental

Now offering trailer rentals from our office location in Magnolia, Texas. 14 Ft Dump Trailer Rental Pricing Daily – $225 Weekly – $995

Give us a call today. No matter your situation, Mill Creek Roofing is here to deliver an outstanding roof repair service in the Houston and surrounding areas so that you and your home are protected!