Mill Creek Roofing, your Hockley roofing experts are a family owned and operated company dedicated to serving Hockley residents. You want a company that is local, trustworthy and will do the job right the first time. Whether you’re in the market for a new roof or looking to repair your current roof, Mill Creek Roofing is your first choice in Hockley, TX. 

Hockley is located within Waller County, approximately 5 miles south of Waller City Hall. The city serves as the main hub for railway traffic serving Houston, Austin, and most of central Texas. Hockley is also home to the well known Oil Ranch, a destination for many  local school’s field trips, that gives you a hands-on experience at a working ranch.

Your Trusted, Local Roofing Company

Mill Creek Roofing is a name you can trust for quality roofing services for your home. It is recommended that a roof be inspected twice a year to ensure that it provides protection to your home for 15-20 years. Our qualified inspectors are happy to inspect your roof, with no obligation and free of charge. After the inspection we will consult with you about the status of your roof and our recommendations about any issues that are identified. If you choose to go through your insurance company for a roof replacement our project managers can advise and support you through the process.

Additional Service: Fence Construction and Repair

In addition to fulfilling all your roofing needs, our team can install new fences and repair your existing fence. We offer a variety of options for your fencing needs, including pine and cedar, with or without rot board.

Rot board is a two-by-six piece of wood that is treated and placed horizontally along the bottom edge of your fence to protect it from the elements. Pickets that come in contact with the ground can absorb moisture from the soil and begin to rot. Rot board also protects your fence from lawn mowers and weed eaters and can prevent animals from digging to get out of or into your yard. If rot boards become damaged or worn, they can easily be replaced.

​ You also have the option to build your fence with top caps. A top cap is a piece of trim that caps off the top of the pickets on the fence. This piece of wood at the top of the pickets gives the fence a finished and attractive look, while also keeping rain out of the porous cuts of the wood. Another way to increase the life of your fence is to apply stain to the wood. Staining the wood helps to keep the water from soaking into the wood and rooting it. Our crews will apply stain to your new fence if you so desire.

Committed to Hockley Homeowners

For all roofing needs, our team stands ready to help. Need roof maintenance? We’ll come out for a free inspection and go over all your options. Need roof repair? We can help guide you through the process of selecting the best products for your home and your environment. Mill Creek Roofing is committed to serving the Hockley area.

Give us a call today. No matter your situation, Mill Creek Roofing is here to deliver an outstanding roof repair service in the Houston and surrounding areas so that you and your home are protected!