insurance Claims

Insurance Claim Process 


Our team of experts is here to advise on all your insurance claims queries. Mill Creek Roofing specializes in roof replacements and insurance claims. Did you know that not all jobs are covered under the homeowner’s insurance? There are many options to replace your roof in a trouble-free and affordable way, including filing an insurance claim.  Alternatively, ask about our competitive cash pricing. Both of these options are supported by Financing options.

 Finding the right information on the insurance claim process and filing a claim can be time-consuming and challenging. Our project managers will walk you through the process.


1. Let Mill Creek Roofing assess the damage after a storm

 If you suspect your roof is damaged, contact Mill Creek Roofing to come and inspect your roof. Our experienced team members will know where to look for damage and what damage will be covered under insurance.  Keep in mind that even if your roof looks intact from the outside, there could be significant damage that only a trained roofing specialist can identify. Some insurance policies have stipulations that detail how long you can wait after the damage has occurred to your roof and still have the damage covered under your insurance policy.


2. Contact your insurance company-Find out what your policy covers 

When dealing with extensive roof damage, be sure to contact your insurance company immediately. If you wait too long, you may not be able to submit the claim. Always have a current policy of your homeowner’s insurance handy to review to see what statute of limitations may be in place for reporting damage and what types of roof damage are and are not covered. If you are ever unsure of the exact roofing insurance coverage you have, contact your insurance provider.


3. Schedule a meeting with the adjuster

 When you submit your roof insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will schedule a time to inspect the damaged areas and determine the cost that the insurance company will pay out to repair or replace your roof.  Once you schedule this meeting, call your Mill Creek Roofing project manager so he can meet the adjuster and make sure that nothing is overlooked.


4. Meet with Mill Creek Roofing to go over the contract 

Once you receive your insurance paperwork, your Mill Creek Roofing project manager will look over the estimate to make sure that everything that is supposed to be included is in the estimate.  Once we see that it is all included, we will sit down with you to go over all of the details before moving forward with the job so that you know exactly which quality products you will be receiving with your roof replacement.




Examples and Types of Roof Damage

Below are a few examples of what our project managers look for during a free roof inspection. If your roof contains damage, such as the examples, our project managers will advise you on the next steps that you may want to take to ensure your house and family are safe.

Give us a call today. No matter your situation, Mill Creek Roofing is here to deliver an outstanding roof repair service in the Houston and surrounding areas so that you and your home are protected!