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Katy, a suburb of Houston has a population of 118,282. The charm of Katy can be seen in its historic town square and railroad museum which commemorates the former MKT railroad and the rich farming history of Katy, Texas. In addition, Katy is the hometown of the award winning country music singer, Clint Black.

Your Local Roofing Experts

Hot and humid summers in Katy necessitate a quality roofing system to protect the functioning of the house and to keep the cool air in and warm air out. Mill Creek Roofing provides a variety of services from a free roof inspection, roof repair and replacement, patio covers and gutter services.

Replacement vs. Repair ​

Many homeowners are often unsure whether they need to replace their current roof, or repair it. Our expert team will come out and do a free inspection that will provide you with our recommendations for which option may best suit your needs.

We often get the question, “can we lay a new shingle roof over a pre-existing shingle roof?” In the past, this practice was fairly commonplace. However, this practice no longer meets building codes in some areas and an entire removal of the first roof is required. In situations where a second layer of roofing is allowed, there are several things to consider before making that decision.

Of course, layering the roofing systems costs less, can be completed more quickly, and produces less waste that needs to be disposed of. However, there are several serious arguments against layering roofing systems.

The most serious issue with layering the shingles is that the roofing materials can become too heavy for the roof framing to support. This can cause structural problems and is especially concerning for older homes. Another reason laying shingles over an existing roof can be problematic is that it perpetuates problems that already exist with surface irregularities. The result can be a less attractive and effective roofing system. ​It is important to discuss the pros and cons of tearing off the existing roofing system and replacing it with a new one and layering a new roofing system over the old one with qualified and skilled roofers.

The Mill Creek Roofing Difference

With our experience and expertise in GAF, IKO, and CertainTeed roofing products, you can count on Mill Creek Roofing. For Katy roofing excellence, contact a highly-reviewed, local company that you can trust. You can trust our advice, our experience, our commitment to the community, and our customer service. We aim to be your roofing company for life. Give Mill Creek Roofing a call today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help each customer improve their home by providing excellent workmanship, the highest quality materials, and the finest customer service.

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