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roof Maintenance

No matter the age of your roof, it is subject to the elements of nature along with other factors. Storms tend to make us think more closely about the condition of our roofs, but damage can occur outside of them. It is important to have minor problems fixed before they turn into a much larger problem that can turn into costly repairs. That’s why roof maintenance is paramount. Book a Free Roof Inspection, we’ll identify any issues, and discuss options and solutions with you.

Mill Creek Roofing is a member of the MRA (Metal Roofing Alliance) and we are certified by Certain Teed Shingle Masters, GAF Authorized Installers, Select Shingle Master, IKO, and as a Master Shingle Applicator. When you hire Mill Creek Roofing you are choosing to work with highly trained and skilled roofing professionals, educated on the most current and advanced roofing techniques used for residential roofing. Our roof maintenance specialists will carry out repairs on any type of material, from wood shake shingles, metal roofing, Spanish tile roof or asphalt composition shingles.

What else should you consider as part of your roof maintenance?

Rain Gutters: 

Rain gutters are the utmost importance in protecting your home from rain. They are often forgotten, but without gutters numerous problems for your home and yard can arise. In our area we receive heavy amounts of rain and well- functioning gutters direct all that rain away from your home. If the rain water is not properly funnelled away from the house you can experience damage to the structure of your home, foundation, driveway, and sidewalk. Not only does standing water in unwanted places destroy flowers and plants, mosquitoes can breed in these puddles and prevent you from enjoying your time outside. Gutters can also protect your landscaping from erosion. Soil erosion can directly and negatively affect the foundation of your house, resulting in uneven floors and cracking walls and chimney.


 Mill Creek Roofing will check your skylights and advise you of any issues they identify. Skylights are an attractive feature to have in your home and having them allows natural light throughout the house. The presence of natural light can increase your levels of Vitamin D, improve energy levels, promote better quality of sleep and improve eye health. Just as your skylights take care of you, you need to care for your skylights. It is important to have them checked to ensure that they are secure, do not have leaky seals, and are not allowing water in. The skylights we install use Low E glass, which is glass that has an energy efficiency coating applied to it, and this coating combats UV rays.

Give us a call today. No matter your situation, Mill Creek Roofing is here to deliver an outstanding roof repair service in the Houston and surrounding areas so that you and your home are protected!

Mill Creek Roofing’s Maintenance Packages:

Basic Maintenance Package

  •  Reseal all vents and pipe jacks
  • Nail down all lifted flashing and vents as needed 
  • Paint all flashing and roofing accessories to match
  •  Seal all exposed fasteners


Additional Maintenance Items

Upon initial inspection, we will advise if further maintenance is needed. These items include:

  • replacement of damaged pipe jacks
  • replacement of attic ventilation
  • replacement of damaged decking
  • replacement of rusted/damaged flashing
  • replacement of missing or damage shingles