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roof Repairs

No matter the age of your roof, it is subject to the elements of nature along with other factors. Storms tend to make us think more closely about the condition of our roofs, but damage can occur outside of them. If damages aren’t caught they can cause severe damage.

However, regular roof inspections can help detect issues earlier, but often our first sign of a problem is a visible leak. This can be seen by water staining and wet spots on ceiling, walls, and floors. Once these signs are spotted, it is important to call the experts as soon as possible so that we can identify the source of the problem. Which can range from storm related damages to improper prior installation.

Homeowners mistake leaks as a sign that they need a new roof. Though leaks are often a sign of a failing roof, many times the life of the roof can be extended by performing minor repairs. These repairs should be left to the professionals, because if done improperly it can lead to larger, more expensive issues.

When you hire Mill Creek Roofing you are choosing to work with highly trained and skilled roofing professionals, educated on the most current and advanced roofing techniques used for residential roofing.

Emergency Repairs

As a trusted local roofer, Mill Creek Roofing can provide fast and wide-ranging emergency repairs. When mother nature strikes, don’t let your roof sustain any more damage than necessary. We are answering some of the frequently asked questions that homeowners just like you have.

What qualifies as an “Emergency Repair”? 

Any event where your entire roofing system is compromised qualifies for emergency roof repair. The most common instance is when inclement weather like a hurricane that could include high wind, heavy rain, or hail that causes secondary water damage. 

In cases like this, we can install an emergency tarp or temporary covering on your roof and wait until the bad weather ends. Once the weather has passed we will recommend appropriate repairs or a replacement to fix your roof.

What Should I Do When My Roof Gets Damaged?

Don’t panic if your roof gets damaged. The damage has been done and it’s just a matter of documenting it for your insurance claims. We recommend that you call us before your insurance provider. We can provide an in-depth assessment of your roof and then advocate on your behalf to your insurance adjuster.

When Is a Roof Leak Repair Necessary?

Any time that the roof is compromised and is vulnerable to water intrusion requires a roof repair. The roof can be compromised by not only heavy downpours but also high winds that often occur during the seasonal hurricane. These winds can lift the shingles or tear them off completely. The high winds can also cause branches to fall from trees and scratch and penetrate the shingles. These damages can also result in costly repairs in the interior of your home as well.

Give us a call today. No matter your situation, Mill Creek Roofing is here to deliver an outstanding roof repair service in the Houston and surrounding areas so that you and your home are protected!